Saturday, 28 March 2020

Tarea semana 30 marzo - 3 abril

Hi there! This week is the one before our Easter Holidays, so our task is this:

1- Look out for a song you like (in English)

2- Add it to this playlist:

(So, if you are in 2C, please add it to your class’ list.)

3 - Send me the lyrics (to my mail, via classroom) of the song.

4 Send me a mail telling me briefly what the song is about.
No wikipedia, please. Your own words!!!!! 
You can also tell me peculiar things about the song. For example: Dancing Queen by Abba was first played in the wedding of Gustav Albert and Silvia of Sweden.

There are thousand of songs. Let's look for new ones, positive ones or ones you love for a special reason. (Tell me).

Here is my song for 2 bachillerato: It is about a young woman looking out for love and having great expectations. Dancing Queen, Abba

Here is my song for 1 bachillerato: It is about a woman who "survives" after a not very happy relationship. Gloria Gaynor, I will survive.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Segunda semana COVID 23-28 marzo

Buenos días. Vamos con la segunda semana. Como ya hemos acabado el segundo trimestre, esta semana será más ligera.
A continuación os dejo un enlace de un vídeo de un profesor americano en España, Amerizano, para que os riáis un rato y seamos conscientes de la cantidad de anglicismos que usamos en español.

Vamos por cursos:
Para 1º de Bachillerato os dejo a continuación el enlace. ¿Qué  hay que hacer? Hay tres archivos. Uno es un audio que tendréis que escuchar en casa para hacer el ejercicio de la primera hoja. Lo podéis escuchar tantas veces como queráis. El texto es sobre "Earth Day" El segundo archivo es el ejercicio de Earth Day. El tercer archivo es un documento de word con dos imágenes y unas preguntas que tendréis que hacer para comparar las dos imágenes que os pongo.

RESUMIENDO: ANTES DE LAS 23:59 DEL VIERNES 28  tendréis que entregar EN UN MISMO CORREO ELECTRÓNICO dos cosas: el ejercicio sobre Earth Day (en word, por favor, y con el nombre visible en alguna parte del texto) y un vídeo de no más de tres minutos comparando esas dos fotos y respondiendo a las preguntas que se os plantean. SON DOS ACTIVIDADES. Por favor, dejad claro en los correos también quienes sois puesto que a veces tenemos nombres repetidos o las direcciones son y por supuesto no sé quién es el guapo. 😎 Si no  puedo por email, ¿puedo enviar el vídeo por instagram? SÍ, pero avisadme. 👆

Todos los correos a

El enlace de descarga: 1 Bachillerato Semana 23-28 marzo


Para 2º de Bachillerato: Tenéis dos archivos. Uno es un examen tipo selectividad. El otro es EL MISMO DOCUMENTO que os entregué en clase recopilando el USE OF ENGLISH de selectividad. Los que ya lo teníais no hace falta volver a descargarlo. Lo he puesto para los que faltaron a clase y no lo tenían.

Antes del viernes a las 23:59 tendréis que entregar SOLO EL EXAMEN DE SELECTIVIDAD. Como veréis, tiene dos opciones de redacción. SÓLO HAY QUE HACER UNA DE LAS DOS REDACCIONES. El otro documento es para hacerlo en casa. LO CORREGIREMOS CUANDO VOLVAMOS. Hay algunas preguntas que aún no hemos dado. La hacéis como veáis, igual que os digo para selectividad. NO SE DEJA NADA EN BLANCO. 👽
El examen de selectividad, por favor, en formato WORD al correo  😏

El enlace de descarga: 2 Bachillerato semana 23-28 marzo.

 #Istayhome  #yomequedoencasa

Monday, 16 March 2020


Para los que no tenéis el Classroom, os dejo por aquí los ejercicios de esta semana.

Estos ejercicios junto con los del libro de lectura (cada clase el que tenga) se entregarán a la vuelta o por email en cualquier momento durante estas dos semanas.

¡¡¡Mucho ánimo!!!

Repaso semana 16-20 marzo

Sunday, 15 March 2020


Aquí os dejo un enlace a hojas de repaso de los temas vistos este trimestre. Eso, junto al acceso al libro virtual que os envié a través de María Madrid (1ºC)  y María del Mar (1ºB) es suficiente para estas dos semanas.


Dudas, al correo electrónico o via Google Classroom.

Take care and stay at home!!!!

Repaso en tiempos de Covid

Aquí os dejo unas webs para repasar. Mucho ánimo y las dudas, por email, classroom... See you all online!!!

A few pages to revise

Enlace a exámenes de selectividad

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Jobs and job positions

There are a lot of abbreviations for top leadership positions that contain the words “Chief and Officer” in the title. It may be confusing to keep the players straight. It may help to explain that a corporate officer holds a management-level position, such as a President, Vice President, or General Manager. Other common positions include:
·         CEO – Chief Executive Officer – This person is the highest ranking corporate officer.  They are the head of management for an organization.  They report to the board of directors. They make high-level decisions about policy and strategy.  The people that report to the CEO include:  The CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer), CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer), CCO (Chief Communications Officer), CLO (Chief Legal Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CRO (Chief Risk Officer), CCO (Chief Creative Officer), CCO (Chief Compliance Officer), CAE (Chief Audit Executive), CDO (Chief Diversity Officer), and CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer).  Steve Jobs was an example of a top CEO.  To find out more about these other chief officer positions, click hereCheck out:  The Best Performing CEO’s in the World.
·         COO – Chief Operating Officer – This person is responsible for the day to day operations or an organization.  Not all companies have one.  In 2006 more than 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies did not have a COO.  This person may also be called the company’s President.  This person could be thought of as the second in command behind the Chairman or CEO.  An example of a top COO is:  Tim Cook was the COO for Apple before replacing Steve Jobs as CEO. Check out: List of Famous Chief Operating Officers.
·         CFO – Chief Financial Officer – This person manages the corporation’s financial risk.  They deal with data analysis, financial planning and record keeping.  Although they report to the CEO, they may also sit on the board of directors.  Peter Oppenheimer is Apple’s CFO.  Check out:  Bonus Babies . . . The Best Paid CFO’s.
·         CMO – Chief Marketing Officer – This person is the head of sales, product development and all things marketing-related.  The CMO can report to either the CEO or COO. Their job is to obtain growth through sales and marketing.  The CMO has become more commonly discussed in recent years.  Check out:  The Chief Marketing Officer . . . A new Boardroom Role.
·         CIO – Chief Information Officer – This person is the head of information technology.  They may report to the CEO, CFO or COO.  They must create strategic goals to increase information accessibility and manage integrated systems.  The CIO and CTO roles are often confused.  Check out:  What is the Difference Between CIO and CTO.
There may be other chief officers’ positions in other industries as well.  For example in hospitals there could be a CMO (Chief Medical Officer), a CNO (Chief Nursing Officer) and a CMIO (Chief Medical Informatics Officer).

Crazy Jobs Around The World You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
As kids, we've always been asked this question and our mad-cap answers answers have made our parents smile. But little did they know that most of what we said were actually full-fledged professions (there's even a job where you have to sleep).
Here's a list of 21 such crazy jobs across the globe that you will not believe exist:

1. Professional Pusher
Japan is indeed a hardworking nation. It makes sure that all its people reach work on time and that's why Japan has employed people to push others onto trains so that nobody's late for work. I love this country!

2. Rental Boyfriend
In Tokyo, if you have the money, finding a boyfriend is as easy as it gets. I don't really know what all the boyfriend will do, but it sure sounds fun. I'll be shifting to Tokyo the day the Japanese come up with the concept of 'Rental Girlfriends'.

3. Professional Stand-In-Liner
As long as there are queues in the world, Narabiyas (Japanese for stand-in-liners) will never be out of fashion. These freelancers will happily wait in long queues for you as long as you pay them some money.

4. Professional Sleeper
My first reaction when I came across this job was... Wow! You actually get paid to... Sleep! Professional Sleepers doze off while scientists conduct research on sleep disorders. This has to be undoubtedly the most comfortable job on the planet.

5. Wedding Guest
This is a part-time job in Japan where people double up as wedding guests. Don't believe me? Here's an ad. Ask a Japanese friend to translate and you'll know. Apart from the money, they also get free food.

6. Vomit Cleaner
Some roller coasters dip, rise and turn at such crazy angles that your breakfast is bound to come out the wrong way. Amusement park owners knew this fact and thus this job came into being.
Q. Why would anyone do this job? A. Free rides.

7. Deodorant Tester
You have a habit of poking your nose into other people's business. Well, these people poke their noses into other people's armpits to test the odour-fighting powers of deodorants. Now that's what you call a stinking job.

8. Water Slide Tester
All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy. Not in this case, because Jack's work involves a lot of playing in water. Water Slide Testers have to check all aspects of safety and make sure these rides are absolutely safe. There's always medical insurance for those who break a bone or two.

9. Paper Towel Sniffer
Paper towel manufacturers leave no stone unturned (loosely translated to leave no roll unsniffed) in ensuring that their rolls don't smell foul before, during and after use. How do they check for any unwanted smell after use? Gross!
10. Chicken Sexer
Sure, there are chics involved, but still there's nothing sexy about this job. A chicken sexer's job is to identify the gender of a baby chicken. That's about it.
11. Professional Cuddler
If you happen to be in Japan and are missing your girlfriend, just shell out some cash and you get to cuddle and sleep next to a Japanese woman. Just cuddle, mind you.

12. Pet Food Taster
Whoever came up with this job must be a true-blue animal lover or someone who likes to chew weird-tasting food. Do animals and humans have similar taste buds?
13. Professional Mourner
You'll need these mourners if nobody gave a damn about you when you were alive. It's sad that you won't be able to see them mourn for you because you'd be in the coffin.
14. Cuidacarro
You'll meet a cuidacarro when you park your car in Costa Rica. His job isn't as complicated as it sounds. All a cuidacarro does is watch your car when you are gone so that nobody steals it (unless he himself has taken a fancy to it).

15. Furniture Tester
As long as the furniture's not made of cactus, this job's pretty cool. You have to sit, wriggle and sleep on the furniture to asses its comfort. This job is so cool that it's weird.

16. Wrinkle Chaser
The name says it all. Wrinkle chasers make sure there are no creases on shoes when they are whisked out of the factory. Yeah, I said that right - shoes . How else do you think those high-heels look so classy?

21. Bicycle Fishers
Amsterdam is the most bicycle friendly capital city of the world. It's no surprise then that a lot of these two-wheelers end up in one of the canals, thus giving rise to another profession - the bicycle fisher. Each year Amsterdam fishes out around 14,000 rusty bikes from its waterways.